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Breather Plug Manufacturer

Industrial Breather Plug

Industrial Breather plugs are made of special plastics and available in two mode i.e. TBP & BP which has difference in design. They are available with various threads.

Industrial Breather Plug

Drain Breather Plug / Vent

Item Code: TBP-30
We are offering wide range of Breather Plug- TBP-30


  • Special polyamide techno polymer or orange marked “OLI” black threaded Connector, Resistant to
  • solvents, Oil, Greases and other Chemical agents.
  • Flat NBR synthetic packing ring.
  • Maximum temperature 120 °C.
  • Type TBP with “Foam” air filter, air filtration 40 Microns.
  • TBP Breather Plugs come complete with splash guard device that prevents oil loss.
  • Especially suitable for use where oil is agitated violently and could be splashed Against breather cap.
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Drain Breather Plug / Vent

Breather Plug

Item Code: BP-40
We are offering wide range of Breather Plug - BP-40

  • Sturdy construction
  • Vents underneath
  • Splash guard standard
  • Filtration 40 microns
  • Suitable for miniature power packs
  • Dipstick optional
  • Consult factory for oem bulk custom requirement
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Breather Plug