Oil Level Indicators

We are well-known of Oil Level Indicators like Face Type Oil Level IndicatorAluminum Knob Type Oil - Level Indicator, Oil Sight Glass India, Transformer Oil Level Indicator, Oil Level Indicator Of Gear Box, Gear Boxes Sight GlassOil Level Gauge

Application :

The visual Fluid Level Indicators are used for monitoring fluid levels and temperature in various types of reservoirs. Typical applications are hydraulic system reservoirs and lubricating, cutting and cooling fluid tanks. Visual Fluid Level Indicators are suitable for service in mineral oils and phosphate-ester based hydraulic fluids. For Water Glycols and High Water based fluids, the sight tube must be ordered in glass construction. Fluid Level Indicators can be supplied with thermometers.

Features :
  • Attractive appearance
  • Transparent sight tube
  • Thermometers furnished with dual range for both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Simple and rugged construction
  • Available in several sizes
  • Choice of seals
  • Easy mounting
We have verities of Oil - Level Indicators that includes.
  • Face Type Oil - Level Indicator
  • TP Knob Type Oil - Level Indicator
  • Aluminum Knob Type Oil - Level Indicator
Oil Level Indicators

Face Type Oil Level Indicator

There are numerous varieties available in our stock of oil level indicators that have been specifically designed for gauging and indicating the level of oil in a tank or reservoir. Out of the entire stock of OLIs, the mostly preferred one is Face type Oil level indicator that is constructed from mild steel polycarbonate materials. Although standard sizes of the indicators are available in abundance at our end but we can also modify and configure the specifications as per the requirement of a application.

Features :

  • Simple in design
  • Accurate marks for minimum, normal and maximum oil levels
  • Custom made indicators are also available
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Face Type Oil Level Indicator

L-Type Oil Level Indicator

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L-Type Oil Level Indicator

TP Knob Type Oil - Level Indicator

Knob type oil level indicators are specifically manufactured and engineered for smaller oil tanks such as oil tanks of trucks, trailors and buses. Amongst the stock of knob type oil level indicators, the TP knob type OLI has an extra edge over other ordinary ones available in market as these indicators are more durable and proficient when it comes to working. All these Oil level indicators are manufactured with varied connections ranging from 1/4" BSP (M) to 1" BSP (M) based on the application and the capacity of the oil tank. Depending upon the oil tank.

Advantages :

  • Variety of connections possible
  • Suitable for small oil tanks level indication
  • Excellent temperature rating
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TP Knob Type Oil - Level Indicator

Aluminum Knob Type Oil - Level Indicator

Other than TP knob type indicator, we also have aluminum knob type oil level indicators at our end. These knob type indicators are specially engineered to be used in gear boxes, compressors and other oil lubricated equipments. In our company, we have all the standard sizes available but we can also configure and modify the indicator as per the clients’ specifications. The quality of the raw materials and components primarily decide the durability of the oil level indicators and hence we source the entire assortment of materials from only trusted and genuine vendors present in market.

Advantages :

  • Excellent construction
  • Available in variety of materials
  • Only certified quality components are used
  • Longer service life
  • Easily replaceable
  • Easy to install

Construction :
Description Material
Body Aluminum
Seal Nitrile Rubber
Sight Glass Transparent glass
Reflector Aluminum
Packing Nitrile rubber

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Aluminum Knob Type Oil - Level Indicator